The University Medical Center Göttingen is part of an extensive neuroscience network within the Göttingen Research Campus. Among other activities, the Göttingen Research Campus is home to the German Research Foundation, and to the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Göttingen. These organisations assemble expertise in sensory processing of various sensory systems as well as in the computational methods of studying the nervous system. The research group “Sensory Processing in the Retina” led by Prof. Tim Gollisch at the University Medical Center Göttingen provides expertise to the VISUALISE project regarding experimental approaches to retina research, data handling, and single-cell modelling. The research group operates several experimental setups for multi-electrode array recordings from the retina with up to 252 simultaneous recording channels. Research questions focus on deciphering the neural code of the retina and exploring how the neural network of the retina implements specific computations to solve visually relevant tasks.

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