The Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC) is a major multidisciplinary research unit in the University of Ulster dedicated to the creation of intelligent computational systems, taking inspiration from, and learning from, biology and neuroscience. The ISRC works on a range of computational intelligent technologies, including spiking neural networks, fuzzy systems, genetic / evolutionary algorithms, hybrid intelligent systems, reasoning, intelligent systems in cognitive robotics, wireless sensor networks, robot vision, emulation of sensory aspects of the biological brain in hardware and software, and brain computer interfacing. Ulster brings expertise in computational intelligence (particularly biologically inspired approaches). It leads WP3 and brings experience in nonlinear system identification and mathematical modelling to the project consortium. It will have a major input in WP5 and will utilise the Cognitive Robotics Laboratory in the ISRC, one of the most advanced in Europe. The Ulster team involved in this project will be led by Professor Martin McGinnity, Dr Sonya Coleman and Dr Dermot Kerr.

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