Tobi Delbruck is a professor in the Physics Department at the ETH Zurich and leads the Sensors group at INI. His recent interests are in event-based silicon retina and vision sensor design, event-based digital vision, and micropower visual and auditory sensors. He received his PhD from Caltech in 1993 in Computation and Neural Systems with Carver Mead. Subsequently he worked for several years on electronic imaging at Arithmos, Synaptics, National Semiconductor, and Foveon, where he was one of the founding employees. In 1998 he moved to Switzerland to join INI. He has been awarded 8 patents and 6 IEEE awards, including the 2006 ISSCC Jan Van Vessem Outstanding European Paper Award. He led the WP in the EC CAVIAR project (IST-2001-34124) (2002-2006) which developed the DVS silicon retina. He is one of the 3 organisers of the annual USA NSF-funded Telluride Workshop on Neuromorphic Cognition Engineering, along with various IEEE organising work. He is currently chair of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Technical Committee on Sensory Systems.

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